by Hurts to Laugh

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released 12 November 2013

Recorded by Tim Brennen, John Davis, and Sean Zywick



all rights reserved


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Hurts to Laugh Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee based surf-metal duo waging stoner jihad in the rhinestone buckle of the bible belt. The forthcoming Gnarbage EP epitomizes lo-fi high-concept surf metal. Too aggro for indie and too ponderous for punk, the style explores further extremes in simplicity. ... more

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Track Name: Na Na Na
Does anybody feel like us
We're gifted
We're different and it's obvious
We missed it

We can do what no-one does
No-one else can speak for us
We know we're important
So we say

Na Na Na

We're down and we're destroying kitsch
We get it
Experience has made us rich
We lived it

The underdog is man's best friend
He's speaking
We all love it when he wins
We're freaking
Track Name: Feel It Now
It's all about the feeling of the mind passing over
I can never get like this when I'm clean and sober
It don't matter what it takes
I am gonna set myself free

Living fast and dying young might leave me with nothing
I tried to slow it down but slow is no way to function
You don't have the right to judge
You don't have to live life like me

I feel it now
What you say
I feel it now
It's fucking great
I fell it now
It's kicking in
I got it made
I feel it now and I'm OK

I junked my broken heart cuz it was fucked up and twisted
I'll keep it positive and then pretend that I fixed it
Problems nee solutions
I just want to make it easy

I'll take it to the limit so I won't have to suffer
Let's keep my feelings under wraps until I recover
You just keep it to yourself
There's damage that I don't want to see
Track Name: Nerve
I’d rather quit than lose
I’d rather wait than choose
I’d rather run than fight
I’d rather live than die

It’s not a weakness
It’s not a problem
You shouldn’t be concerned
But I’m not living or suicidal
I haven’t got the nerve

I’d rather suck than breathe
I’d rather watch than see
I’d rather crash than turn
I’d rather jump than burn

I’m just surviving life
And I’ve forgotten why
If I was hypnotized then maybe I’d remember
Maybe I’d remember
Help me to remember

I’d rather be asleep
And I don’t want to eat
Each time that I wake up
I have to spill my guts
Track Name: Stop Dragging Your Feet
I know you could use my help
You can't tell it for yourself
You've lost your way
Yeah, you've lost your way

You can't finish what you've done
You can't stop what you've begun
What can we say
Yeah, what can we say

You're below me drowning slowly

Stop dragging your feet
Stop dragging me down

You'd be better off like me
You can be what you want to be
It's all the same
Yeah, it's all the same

I think you know your time is out
You fucked around and there is no doubt
You've lost your way
Yeah, you've lost your way

That's enough
That's enough to kill somebody
That's enough so say you;re sorry.
Track Name: Meet You Underground
I can't remember when life begun
I'll never know what I'll become

I'll meet you underground

I was a kid and then I grew up
I met a woman and she gave me love

Ain't no way
I'm not afraid

If you're old and tired and you've had enough
You can go to sleep and you'll never wake up
Track Name: What We're Living For
We have everything we need
You can't have what you can't see
All we have is all we know
All we know we have been shown

Hold on Hold on
This is it
There's nothing more

Hold on Hold on
We are what we're living for

No one's seen the other side
It's just us until we die
I believe the heart goes on
It won't matter 'til I'm gone

You're spirit is flesh and bone
We weren't meant to live alone
What you see is what you get
Live your life
You're not dead yet

Can god hear you when you pray
We're a million miles away
Meet the world and do your part
Find the god within your heart